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Since as far back as I could remember


I’ve been fascinated by nature and the countless herbs it offered for health and substance. All one had to do was Victor 4walk through the forest and there they were speaking to you in the languages of color and fragrance. When I was about twelve years old, I remember going around to all the grandmothers in my New York neighborhood and asking them about their knowledge of folk medicines. I was fascinated by their knowledge. I wrote every remedy down to preserve it for future generations.

My childhood passions were nature, spirituality, and playing Johnny on the pony. The years past and I enrolled in college, got my degree in liberal arts and just roamed around getting involved in community social issues, did lots of chanting and meditation at nearby Ashrams. No real direction.

Ended up in Puerto Rico working in a marina. I took a trip to the mountains of Morovis and ran into Don Nicomedes Rodriguez, the local “Curandero,” that’s healer in English. He dressed all in white with the exception of the red band around his sombrero. I distinctly remember his handshake. For a 78 year old man, it was like a vise grip. We sat in a cantina drinking some canario vino and became good friends. Long story short, I quit my job in the marina and followed Don Rodriguez around for about two years. He never asked for anything. People fed him, invited him to have a vino or beer with them, gave him chickens and eggs or anything else from their gardens. He never lacked for anything, never complained. What I learned from him I could never learn in any school. We would head out at daybreak and spend the better part of the day picking and talking about the herbs that grew in the valleys and mountains.

When it was time for me to go and we sat down that last evening for our last glass of vino together. We left the cantina and I accompanied him to his hut in el bosque. We stood their kind of smiling, I thanked him for his friendship, we shook hands and I hugged him as I said, “gracias mi buen amigo. Nunca de olvidare.” He looked at me with black, piercing eyes and a light smile and said, “ Victor Manuel, tu tienes el don, lo veo en ti, no los desperdicies.”

I later enrolled in the Institute of Herbalogy, after that did some workshops up at the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbs and today I reside in Florida.  I have a blog that you can go to and read up on herbs and other related matter. To check out my blog  click here

I have some videos on YouTube, just put hamsa herbalist in the search bar. I plan to start putting up youtube videos on a steady bases soon.  there’s going to be a lot of interesting video’s coming up, things you can relate to and apply to improve your health and athletic performance, so be watching out for those.

Well, that’ about it. i hope you’ll find my website useful. If you want to see something added, or have any questions or comments, just send me an email to hamsahealer@gmail.com

Make it a good day.




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