Green Coffee Bean Extract


Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic Acid  Organic

32.00  60 Veggie Capsules

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Why don’t we lose weight in spite of the fact that we constantly go from diet to diet?  Well, the reason is sugar, sugar is in most food products sold in the United States today. It’s in carbohydrates and Western diet is grain based which means high carbs. as a direct reaction to the sugar, our bodies become saturated with insulin. when our bodies require energy, our brain scans the body. the brain reads all the insulin and prohibits the body from accessing the fat cells for energy. It makes us crave food instead. As long as the body is saturate with insulin, we will not burn fat.  Pure Green coffee bean Extract with 50% Chlorogenic acid blocks the spiking of insulin, so that when the body scans the body, it does detect insulin and when it doesn’t detect the insulin, it allows the body to burn fat cells for energy.  Our Green Bean Coffee Extract has no fillers or additives. we use only vegetable capsules in our products.

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