Nascent Iodine


Nascent Iodine

  • Nascent Iodine detoxifies mercury, lead, and toxic halogens like bromide, fluoride, and chlorine.  Detoxadine® is a high-quality daily nascent iodine supplement made from dietary transformative iodine in a bio-elemental nanocolloidal state

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    • Nascent Iodine

    • Nascent iodine is the best and most efficient form of iodine to take.
    • It was the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, who suggested iodine for all sorts of thyroid problems, who advised that it would be necessary to electrically charge the iodine to change it into its “atomic” form.
    • Iodide has to be converted back to the nascent form in order to produce T3 and T4. Would the body not recognize nascent iodine as what is needed in the thyroid and take it there to avoid the steps of active transport to produce nascent iodine when it already has it available? This could explain why some people report that they feel the atomic form of iodine in their thyroid within 10 minutes.
    • This charging converts the iodine into a form that the body can most fully recognize and assimilate (Iodine trichloriteclaims to be atomic iodine, but it’s not.) A true atomic iodine is the best kind to bring the thyroid to its optimal function because it supports and saturates the thyroid without any toxic buildup.

    Nascent Iodine

    Here are the benefits of nascent iodine:

  • Supports thyroid health.
  • Promotes balanced iodine levels in adults and children.
  • Encourages focus and a sharp mental state.
  • Supports breast milk production and quality.
  • Provides immune system support and defense against environmental toxins!
  • Detoxifies mercury, lead, and toxic halogens like bromide, fluoride, and chlorine.
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