Iodine, breast cancer and your thyroid

The Hamsa Herbalist
June 8

     I cannot give emphasis enough to the importance of Iodine in the body and especially for women. I keep coming back to this important element because I see everywhere women suffering from the lack of Iodine.
Women with fibrocystic breast disease, uterine or ovarian cyst are low in Iodine and these cysts are a kind of warning that they may end up with cancer in those areas. In fact, studies have shown that women with breast cancer are deficient in Iodine and vitamin D3.

     Here are ten signs and symptoms of Iodine deficiency:
1) Swelling on the neck. (2) Unexpected weight gain (3) Fatigue and weakness (4) Hair loss (5) Dry flaky skin (6) Feeling colder than usual. (7) Changes in heart rate.
(8) Trouble learning and remembering. (9) Problems during pregnancy. (10) Heavy or irregular periods.

     If you are experiencing any of these symptoms I strongly suggest that you go to our website store and purchase a bottle of our nascent Iodine. It is the best iodine available because it is taken by mouth and begins to work immediately since it goes directly into your bloodstream and does not have to fight your stomach acids like other forms of Iodine.

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