Wild Harvested Chaga 2 oz.

Wild Harvested Chaga 2 oz.

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4 Health Benefits Of Chaga Mushrooms

  1. Supports Immune Health

A healthy immune system is a cornerstone of a healthy body.

One of Chaga's most well-known health benefits is its ability to support healthy immune function. Compounds called polysaccharides that are found in Chaga have precisely this benefit.

  1. Supports Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Response

Supporting a healthy inflammatory system is crucial if you want to keep your body functioning optimally. Mushrooms like Chaga have been used for thousands of years to support immune health and inflammation systems, and continue to be an area of study for researchers.

Research on animals and test-tube studies show the Chaga mushroom can help support healthy inflammation systems and healthy immune cells in mice and rats.

  1. Supports Heart Health

Keeping this vital organ happy and healthy is key to a long and vibrant life.

Chaga mushrooms may support your cardiovascular health in several important ways, including supporting healthy blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

Inflammation is also strongly linked to heart health. Chaga contains a number of health-promoting compounds that not only support your immune system but may also support your inflammatory system.

  1. Helps Support Healthy Blood Sugar

Normal blood sugar levels are linked with overall health. Studies find that chaga mushroom supplementation is linked to healthy blood sugar levels in mice.  

Select 1 or 2 individual chaga chunks to add to a pot filled with 4 cups (1 litre) of water. Slowly bring the pot to a simmer, and simmer the tea for a minimum of 15 minutes. If brewing large batches of tea, simmer the pot for 2 to 3 hours. Strain the chaga chunks from the tea, and serve the tea hot.

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